FitGipsy Dance


FITGIPSY DANCE is a fitness program that unifies body and mind.

The program was created by Ana-Electrona, Zumba® instructor, personal trainer and Flamenco dancer from age 4.

This idea surfaced after realizing the personal limitations of several of her participants suffering from conditions like Fibromyalgia, back problems, bone lesions and body weight issues.

Through her background in Mental Health which includes psychological trauma, Ana identified a need to help this vulnerable sector of people. She decided then to focus FITGIPSY DANCE program as a therapy with great results.

With her passion for dance, fitness and therapy, this fusion of fitness and flamenco was born.

FITGIPSY DANCE provides the opportunity, in a 50 minutes class, to burn calories, learn to dance, and free the mind.

There are no physical or age limitations for participating, which makes it ideal for a healthy lifestyle practice.

FITGIPSY DANCE uses the different traditional flamenco rhythms along with its props such as fans, flamenco shawl, castanets, and even the flamenco stick to work on joints and muscle tone.

In short, you will have a blast!


FITGIPSY DANCE, known as FGD, provides a cardiovascular workout through a combination of aerobic exercises and flamenco dance. Using soft exercises and with the aid of props, joints are progressively worked and toned on each class.

Cognitive, physical and socio-emotional benefits will be achieved through music. The traditional flamenco rhythms used in FGD are:

• Rumbas, Tangos, Alegrías de Cádiz, Tanguillos and Bulerías The fusion rhythms used are:

• Bachata Flamenca, Cumbia Flamenca, Reggaetón Flamenco, Salsa Flamenca and Belly dance

Intensity within a FGD class is progressive, with a central block of faster songs finishing with a final relaxation. This format allows any healthy person to join without encountering problems.


In general, instrumental music will be used, though any song with a moderated tempo’s rhythmic base could work.

It consists of specific wrists and arms’ movements, with special attention to participants with specific pathologies. Usage of different exercises while alternating legs and back work. A maintained straight back posture is the most important element in this technique.


This is a complex technique but possible to achieve. The ideal approach is to start with very basic exercises and progressively introduce more complex blocks. This is typically used with the “Alegrias” rhythm.


For as long as Flamenco has existed, the Flamenco stick has been used by singers and dancers. It has also been protagonist of the folklore for villages and towns worldwide.

FGD takes advantage of the stability of this element to work almost the whole body at a muscular level.

Using music with accented beats, we start working the lower extremities with two or three variations. For example, one low squat followed by a fast one, ending with calf work.

Next, we perform continuous side elevations, to the comfort of the participants, always under ongoing supervision.

Finally, we will place the stick on the shoulders and with the legs flexed, we perform standing oblique crunches and twists to work the waist and the abdominals.

This element will give us the opportunity to perform endless toning and stretching exercises.